It started with a beer. It ended with an Aussie design revolution.

OZEPOD is your party in a pod — a portable speaker that keeps your phone safe from water and sand, your drinks shaded, and your music flowing with upto 2 days playback and solar-asisted USB charging for your devices.

Where the Steves (Jobs and Wozniak) had their garage in Silicon Valley. Steve Self from Gold Coast has his shed and his dog Jax.

“I was sick of the dog knocking over my beer,” says Steve, “then one day I took a look at the pool fence and thought to myself, ‘He’d never be able to knock it down up there.’”

Steve took himself into the shed and set about designing a platform to sit on top of his pool fence. “I gave it a bit of shade while I was at it,” he says. “No one likes a warm beer.”

Then it occurred to him that his beer defender would be the perfect place for his phone too.

Having gone this far, Steve thought to himself, “What if it had some batteries and a little solar panel. A flat battery is about as much fun  as a flat beer.”

“I was going to all that trouble, so then it seemed stupid not to build in speakers,” says Steve. “I’ve got four daughters and three grandkids, which means we spend a lot of family time at the pool and we like to have music to go with the BBQ.”

Steve took his garden-shed prototype to some professional industrial designers. They took Steve’s true blue Aussie ingenuity and spun it into a Cupertino-worthy innovation, all in a package we call the OZEPOD.

“Everyone who’s seen one wants one,” says Steve. “And I want everyone to have one, which is why I’m looking for an investment partner.”


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